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NEWS 2017


It was an International show in  Lidköping this Sunday!

All 3 representatives from Enfloy'z were placed in the Best male/best bitch class but OLLE 
or Enfloy'z Remarkable'N Charmant who he is also called was our winner when he became BOB!

This was Olle's 50:th Best of Breed win  :-) :-)

Fantastic done by our little boy, who we are proud breeders and owners of :-) 

Show premiere with super results :-)

Team Enfloy'z was at our first show for this year, and the results were super great! 
We had 3 BOB winners with us home from Västerås :-) :-)

Our Samoyed - LEXUS -was  BOB winner at his first kennelclub show.
For our Japanese spitz - OLLE - got another BOB and was then placed as
BIG-4 :-)
Olle's sweet mother -IZA- became BOB-veteran.

Easter greeting!

Playing in snow :-)

When it's winter and snow we like to play a lot. 


More pictures in our  winteralbum

Samoyedweek in Furudal

Lexus and Heléne have been in Furudal at the samoyedweek. 
They also competed in Mondays show with  excellent, CK and
BOB-junior :-)


We remember 2016 ... 

We look back at our best days from 2016.
It was a year of both joy and sorrow.
The 2 events we remember most from 2016 was:

Olle * BIS Alfta 10/7


July 10 is a day to remember forever - that's when our homebred Olle - Enfloy'z Remarkale'N Charmant won BEST-IN-SHOW 1 at the international show in Alfta. This BIS-win also gave Olle a 78:th place with 154p at SKK:s list "Dog of the year 2016" . 

In June was our T-litter born 
with Lola & Lotuzz. 
Lola debuted at show 4 months old  
by winning BOB & BIS-3 puppy! 

Other results to remember from 2016 are:

Olle's (Enfloy'z Remarkable'N Charmant) 9 BOB during the year, 
of which BIS of speciality show for the 2:nd year in a row. 
In addition he was group placed in Hässleholm, Alfta & Sundsvall :-)

Leelooh (Enfloy'z Re'Ginah-Lee My Lady Charm) won CACIB 
and some best bitch placements after she gave birth to the t-litter.   

Thelma (Enfloy'z Starlight of Larizza) won CACIB and BOS during the year.

Novaah (Enfloy'z Novaah-Lee A Charmant Lady) won a couple of BOB-veteran during 2016 and top it all with 
BIS-4 veteran -  13 year old - at Hässleholm's international show. 

Iza (Pihlajaniemen Tsuki No Hana) has won a lot of BOB & BOS as 9 year old. 
Many times she was also BOB-veteran and best of all - BIS 4-veteran in Leksand.

Now we look forward to what 2017 has for secrets to offer!

Snowfun :-)

Welcome 2017!

The new year is here with many empty days to fill with events of all kinds. 
We look to what 2017 has to offer. 
We have already planned out some fun stuff with the dogs that we hope will come true.

Merry christmas & Happy new year!

Lilla + Stora Stockholm

This year was lilla- and stora Stockholm for the first time during the same weekend, 
"Lilla" on Friday and "stora" on Sunday.

OLLE - Enfloy'z Remarkable'N Charmant was BOB on Friday and # 2 Best male on Sunday.

IZA - Pihlajaniemen Tsuki No Hana was # 4 best bitch and
BOB-veteran on Fridays show. 


LEELOOH - Enfloy'z Re'Ginah-Lee My Lady Charm became #2 best bitch with CACIB.

IZA - Pihlajaniemen Tsuki No Hana was BOB-veteran.

Sundsvall x 2

2-days show in Sundsvall. 
The special club SSUK at Saturday and international show at Sunday.
Our dogs managed to win 3 x BOB as puppy, adult and veteran.

LOLA - Enfloy'z Truly Charmy Lolalee was on her first show - 4 months young. 
She was really good and charmed the judges so much that she became
BOB-puppy of 4 
and ended the day as
BIS-3 puppy :-) :-) 

OLLE - Enfloy'z Remarkable'N Charmant was # 1 best male both days 
BOS at Saturday and at Sunday a bit better  BOB & Group-2 :-) :-)  

IZA - Pihlajaniemen Tsuki No Hana had her best day on Sunday 
when she became #
1 best bitch and BOS against her son "Olle". 
She also won the veteran class and was
BOB-veteran and shortlisted in the BIS final :-) 


Another show day :-) 
This time in Gimo.

OLLE - Enfloy'z Remarkable'N Charmant 
were placed as  #2 Best male.

THELMA - Enfloy'z Starlight of Larizza 
were placed as #4 Best bitch.

LEXUS - Plogens La Lacatus Av Tundra
is our Samoyed puppy as today made his debut in puppy class and become
BOB-puppy :-)



A gray and rainy day in September we went to Högbo to meet friends and show dogs. 
The results were just as varying weather.

OLLE - Enfloy'z Remarkable'N Charmant became #2 best male with Reserve-CACIB

THELMA - Enfloy'z Starlight of Larizza became # 1 best bitch with

IZA - Pihlajaniemen Tsuki No Hana was BOB-veteran.



Dog show in our hometown :-)
 Iza was the star even on day 2 this show weekend :-)

OLLE - Enfloy'z Remarkable'N Charmant won the championclass with excellent and CK 
and was then placed as  # 2 Best male.

IZA - Pihlajaniemen Tsuki No Hana was a bit better than yesterday. Winner of the veteranclass with excellent and CK. 
And then # 1 Best bitch
, Best veteran and BOB  
Double BOB thus :-) :-) Also today was Iza shortlisted in the  veteran-BIS :-) 



Super day  in Norrköping with great friends and great results!
OLLE - Enfloy'z Remarkable'N Charmant became #1 Best male and
Best of breed .
 Olle was also shortlisted in the group 5 final :-)

and his mother

IZA - Pihlajaniemen Tsuki No Hana was as good as her son and became # 1 Best bitch,
Best veteran and BOS! 
 She was also shortlisted in the veteran-BIS, but no placements this time. 

T-litter 8 weeks.


Another dogshow almost "at home" - this time in our old hometown Köping.
Mother and son were chosen to show this time. It was a very very hot summerday.

OLLE - Enfloy'z Remarkable'N Charmant 
won the championclass with excellent and CQ 
and was also #1 best male then he won his 

and his mother

IZA - Pihlajaniemen Tsuki No Hana 
was best veteran bitch with excellent and CQ.
She was also #1 Best bitch,
BOS in competition against her son.  


The day after the speciality we travelled to Hälsingland and their international show in Alfta.
And it would be a day to remember forever :-) 
For suddenly it happens after 28 years of waiting, a Japanese spitz won BEST IN SHOW on a KC show in Sweden again  :-) 
And the lucky winner was our Olle :-) But let's start from the beginning...

IZA - Pihlajaniemen Tsuki No Hana was best veteranbitch with excellent and CQ and BOB-veteran. 
She was also placed as #2 best bitch. 
The veteran finals in the afternoon, she was also shortlisted for the semifinals, 
but it was her son who was waiting for today's big achievement.

OLLE - Enfloy'z Remarkable'N Charmant won the championclass with CQ 
and was also #1 Best male, he then became
In the finals, it was just fine for Olle and he shined up with the sun, 
so much that he was the winner of the spitzgroup  (
and then succeeded  to 
BEST IN SHOW 1 :-) :-) :-)  

Our Olle was the best and finest of all dogs at the show - what a dream! 
But it's true it has happend ... 
Of course makes us HAPPY and very very PROUD! 
It is 28 years since a Japanese sitz last won Best-In-Show, then it was Vallbyviks Bear-San, 
and curiosities so had he also became BOB at the speciality show the day before.

Many thanks for all the cheers and happy wishes! 
Shared happiness is double happiness!

Japanese spitz show 2016

The annual breedshow for Japanese spitz was held in our hometown  Eskilstuna  :-)
86 japanese spitz were entered this year.

Today's big star from team Enfloy'z become once again - Olle! 
Briefly, we can say that it was a replay of last year's breed special.

OLLE - Enfloy'z Remarkable'N Charmant started his cavalcade win in the championclass where he was the best of 11 with excellent and CQ. Then he was also #1 Best male and then finished the day by winning Best of breed :-) 


On the resultspage, you'll see how it went for the rest of team Enfloy'z at the speciality show.

Leksand Dogshow

Our Finnish princess IZA - Pihlajaniemen Tsuki No Hana liked to show in the rain at Leksand dogshow.
She won the veteranclass with excellent and CQ, and  also placed  #2 Best bitch and
Then to top it off with winning 
BIS-4 veteran :-) :-)   

T-litter is here!

Enfloy'z T-litter is here, 1 boy & 1 girl.
Proud mum is Leelooh - Enfloy'z Re'Ginah-Lee My Lady Charm 


Another dogshow and this time an international one in Österbybruk.
3 dogs represented team Enfloy'z and the results shine like the sun when we got double BOB's with us home! 

OLLE - Enfloy'z Remarkable'N Charmant
became best championmale with CQ, # 1 best male and

NOVAAH - Enfloy'z Novaah-Lee A Charmant Lady 
became best veteranbitch with CQ, # 4 best bitch,
and shortlisted in the BIS-veteran final.

IZA - Pihlajanimen Tsuki No Hana 
was placed second among the veteran bitches with excellent and CQ.  


We packed up the motor home and traveled south to Hässleholm. 
There were expecting an international show for Olle, Novaah & Iza with 33 japanese spitz entered.
It was a very successful trip to the south for team Enfloy'z with amazing results.

OLLE - Enfloy'z Remarkable'N Charmant won another BOB - the first of the year! 
In the finals he showed to his best, which resulted in a
Group-2 placement.   

NOVAAH - Enfloy'z Novaah-Lee A Charmant Lady our oldest queen came along and play some shows again, which she does with joy. She became best veteran in breed, but also #1 Best bitch and BOS. 

In the final competition for the most beautiful veterans of the day she showed very well and became
BIS-4 veteran :-) 

Impressive and wonderfully done by a 13 year old dog!

IZA - Pihlajaniemen Tsuki No Hana also competed in the veteranclass and was placed as 2:nd with CQ after her best friend Novaah.


Another dogshow this time in  ABB-arena, Västerås. 
Only "Olle" (Enfloy'z Remarkable'N Charmant) was shown this time with the result #2 best male.


We have been on our first show this year. 
The trip went to Lillan de Wall's memorial show in Sundsvall.

Both Olle (Enfloy'z Remarkable'n Charmant) and Iza (Pihlajaniemen Tsuki No Hana)won their classes 
Olle then became #2 Best male and Iza was #3 Best bitch.

Top Dog 2015

Japanese Spitz Club of Sweden:s list over year 2015 most successful JS - Top dog 2015 - recently came.
Some really nice placements for Enfloy'z dogs :-)

2013 - 2014 - 2015

Enfloy'z Remarkable'N Charmant

2011- 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015

Enfloy'z Novaah-Lee A Charmant Lady


Enfloy'z Kennel

Enfloy'z Starlight of Larizza

Pihlajaniemen Tsuki No Hana

Happy Easter! 


Winterfun at Enfloy'z 2016 *

We remember 2015

We just put 2015 behind us, so before we fill 2016 with new memories, we take a look back at our most memorable days with the dogs :-)

The showyear 2015 started in Strängnäs when Olle became BOB and ended at Stockholm's dogshow with Olle winning BOB :-) In between he won few more BOB ...

Team Enfloy'z competed at three winnershows during the year: 
Swedish winner, Norwegian winner and Nordic winner. –  on all was one of Enfloy'z bred dog BOB :-) 

In total got team Enfloy'z 7 (!) new winnertitles during  2015. Most new titles won Novaah that could put 5 (!)new winnertitles  to her already long list of titles. This meant that Novaah now has  21 (!) various winnertitles :-)  

 Abroad has team Enfloy’z got two new champions  during last year :-) 
In Norway won Buddy - Enfloy’z Ready Steady Charm his championtitle – NO UCH in March.
In England we have Quinton – Enfloy’z Quinton The Snow Prince With Charney 
that won his championtitle – UKCH  in beginning of May. 
He was also BIS at Japanese Spitz Club:s show in June.

Nord.DkUch  NoJV-11 FinV-14 SeV-13 SeV-14 NoV-15 NordV-15

Olle has had an amazing year, among his favorites are:

* He won his 40:th Best of breed  
at Nordic winner show in December.
* Best of breed at Norwegian winner show in October.
* Best of breed, best mover & champion of champion at breed show in May
* BOB, Group-1 & Best in show 4 at Sundsvall international in October.


C.I.B Nord.DkUch  NordJV-03 Ww-08 KbhV-09 NordV-09 NoVV-11 NordVV-11 NoVV-12 NoV-12  SeV-12 NoVV-13 Vww-14 HeVW-14 FinVV-14 FinV-14 SeVV-14 SeV-14 SeVV-15 SeV-15 NoVV-15 NoV-15 NordVV-15  

has also had an amazing year, among her favorites are:

* BOB at Swedish winner show in April
* BIS 3 veteran at Norwegian winner show in October.
* Novaah won her 10:th BIS 1 veteran at kennelclub:s show in May.
* 5 new winnertitles! SeV-15, SeVV-15, NoV-15, NoVV-15, NordVV-15

In total has team Enfloy'z during 2015 won:
20 x BOB, 11 x BOS, 4 x CAC, 1 x BIG- 1, 2 x BIG-2 , 1x BIG-3, 1 x BIG-4, 1 x BIS-3, 1 x BIS-4,
13 x BOB-veteran 3 x BIS 1-veteran, 1 x BIS 2-veteran, 4 x BIS-3 veteran
5 x Best breeder group, 1 x BIS 1 breeder, 2x BIS 2 breeder
2 x new championtitles, 7 x new winnertitles  
-  All this in three (3) countries!

Now we look forward to a new year where new memories with the dogs will be formed.
Hopefully some of our plans for the dog year 2016 will be realized. 
Anyway we will have fun with our dogs


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