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This page contains particularly memorable successes.
Events that meant a little more than others and that we pick up every now & then and remember that little special.
Our titlewinners, champions, groupwinners, BIS-winners, BIS-veterans and BIS-breeders are presented here :-)

We also think it's particularly fun when judges from the breed's home country - Japan appreciate our dogs as when:

FLOY - SeUch Nouch IntUch Enfloy'z Floy was BOB & BIS-1 for mr Toyosaku Kariyabu 
with over 100 entered JS at 2:nd Europeshow for japanese breeds in Ransäter 1994.

NOVAAH - C.I.B Nord.DkUch NordJV-03 Ww-08 KbhV-09 NordV-09 NoVV-11'12'13 NordVV-11 NoV-12 SeV-12 
Vww-14 HeVW-14 Fin VV-14 FinV-14 SeVV-14 SeV-14 SeVV-15 SeV-15 NoVV-15 NoV-15 NordVV-15 
Enfloy'z Novaah-Lee A Charmant Lady became Best bitch & World Winner 2008 of 85 participant JS 
in Stockholm for Mr Tomoyuki Iwamoto.

OLLE - NoJV-11 Nord.DkUch SeV-13 FinV-14 SeV-14 NoV-15 NordV-15 SeVV-19 KbhVV-19 KbhV-19
 NoVV-19 NordVV-19 NordV-19 Enfloy'z Remarkable'N Charmant 
was BOB & Swedish Winner 2013 for Mr Ichiro Ishikawa at Älvsjö.
Olle was also awarded BOB & Nordic Winner 2019 for the Japanese judge Mr Hiroshi Kamisato. 


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