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We have had Samoyed since 1964 and Japanese spitz since 1983.

Enfloy'z kennel has a small breeding in home environment. 
Sometimes we have puppies
 - usually when we ourselves should keep something new.
Most of the time we have only 1-2 litters on our bitches, 
even our males are used sparingly in breeding.

At home is now our 7:th generation of Japanese spitz. 

Travelling away at shows is one of our major interests with the dogs 
-it tends to be around 20 show days a year 
remaining 345 days we entertain ourselves and our dogs with other activities. 
In addition to forest walks and tricks we also activate our dogs with 
agility, nosework and rallyobedience so far only at home,
but in the future maybe we come out on competitions too. 

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